How to get great skin with Body Wraps

How to get great skin with Body Wraps

Body wraps are a complete head to toe pampering experience that enables your skin to stay fresh, young and smoother. Body wraps include body brushing, followed by a full body scrub. Did you know that you lose a layer of skin cells every month? Skin cells come to the surface of the skin and when extremely dry they form what sometimes looks like parched scales on the surface of the skin. Dry skin cells can act as an impermeable shield and stop moisturisers from sinking into your skin to effectively hydrate the lower layers of your skin. Skin Brushing will break down those dead cell, and improve blood circulation under your skin whilst bringing more oxygen into your body. Exfoliation will finish the process of removing dead cells leaving your skin smooth and ready to absorb nourishment and any targeted treatments you desire for your skin.

Your skin is now ready for one of the following: –

1 – Rich moisturiser to deeply hydrate and nourish the skin
2 – Gradual tan application. A little bit of colour gives you a healthy-looking skin tone and glow this time of the year.
3 – Body Wraps. Your body is wrapped or cocooned in a generous combination of muds or plant extracts that encourage the body to release harmful toxins, targeting your needs, Slimming, firming, detoxifying, or hydrating.

    • Relaxing and hydrating body wraps are rich in marine extracts known for their detoxifying and re-mineralising properties.
    • Marine Mud body wraps are rich in minerals. The skin absorbs minerals that are essential for toning and revitalising. Minerals help to disperse localised fatty acids to give soft, and healthy-looking skin.
    • Toning Body Masks– Used for firming and strengthening the skin. Usually formed by a combination of plants like green tea as well as seaweed that help to stimulate the metabolism with fat burning properties. They contain vitamins and essential energizing minerals that deliver active ingredients to the epidermis. Body masks are designed to treat specific areas of the body that require firming, the bust, upper arms, abdomen, thighs. (Ideal for Slimming treatments).

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