Sometimes we can let things slip a bit and the scaffolding in our skin needs a bit of extra support.  Here’s a clever ritual that concentrates on slackness, cellulite and re-contouring and helps you enjoy a little slice of spa at home:


Step 1:  Dry Skin Brushing

Your skin is a major organ of toxic elimination and when dead skin cells build up they reduce the ability to naturally detoxify.  Dry skin brushing not only gives you smoother skin, but boosts the lymphatic flow and circulation.  Brush with GIVING IT THE BRUSH OFF for about 5minutes.  Use firm strokes up the body – from feet to hip, wrist to shoulder, back and front (avoid face and neck).


Step 2: Body Exfoliating

After Step 1, scrub your entire body with SUGAR BUFF.  This Mediterranean inspired olive oil and sugar based body scrub will help improve circulation and buff your skin silky smooth.  Apply all over your body, massage, then step into a lovely warm bath or shower to remove.


Step 3: Detox Massage

Massage a couple of capfuls of WORK IT OUT vigorously from the feet upwards in circular motions, moving up the body.  Pay attention to the fatty zones and areas of knotted muscles and tension.  If you have a friend who can help you with your back, then even better.  It’s a good idea to stand on an old towel in case the oil is splashed.


Step 4: Nodule Massage

Time to go deeper.  Massage NO PAIN NO GAIN vigorously and deeply over areas of lumps and bumps, such as ‘bat-wings’, bum, thighs and tim.  It might have soft nodules, but it’s no softy when it comes to toxins and cellulite.


Step 5:  Anti-Cellulite & Slimming

Apply GO FIGURE over the top of all the wobbly bits you just massaged in Step 4 to seal in all the good work.  Massage firmly, taking time to really give your skin a good treatment.


Step 6:  Wrap The Body with Aromatherapy

The final step is to seal in the goodness with DUVET comforting body cream all over.  Massage into your body and it will feel like a nice hug for the skin and soul with omega oils, fig, olives, liquorice and lashings of vitamin E.  An aromatherapy and skincare in one.