Looking after your skin should be as easy as cleaning your teeth! make it a habit morning and night and you’ll see amazing results within a few weeks.


Deep cleanse at night, light cleanse in the morning. using clean hands, use upward and outward strokes to massage the cleanser into your face and neck. use little circular motions around sides of nose, temples and chin. Remove with a dampened TAKE IT OFF muslin cloth.

If wearing eye makeup, apply GO EASY to two separate dampened cotton pads. Hold lightly over each eye then wipe gently downwards and outwards, following the direction of the lashes to remove makeup.

In the spa we always double cleanse for scrumptiously clean skin. On the days you don’t use a mask or scrub, you can jump to step 3.

Step 2: MASK

This is your once a week spa treatment. Use to either deeply cleanse or deeply hydrate the skin. They are all designed to do their job within 20 minutes. Apply all over the face and neck, but avoid the eyes. To get even better results pop into a warm bath and let the steam get to work. Remove with a damp TAKE IT OFF muslin cloth.

Step 3: Toning

Dampen a cotton pad with TONING ESSENCE. Gently wipe over the face and neck. On hot days you can also spritz your face (with eyes closed of course).

Step 4: SERUM

Apply one pump of serum to your palms and then press it into the face and neck.

Step 5: EYES

Using your ring finger (the gentlest finger), lightly tap WINDOWS OF THE SOUL or EYE TRUFFLE all around the eye area, from below the eyes and all the way up to the eyebrows.

Step 6: NECK

Using EXALT, rub onto the backs of both hands then stroke or roll up the neck, as if you are ‘ironing’ your neck.


Using upward and outward movements, massage lightly into the face and neck. Relax and let the goodness sink in.
If you’d like some advice on which products would suit your skin then please pop into the Spa and we’ll be happy to advise.