We all know how great a good night’s sleep feels.  Follow our divine before-bed relaxation ritual to help ease tension and restore your equilibrium.  The ultimate way to treat skin, body and soul:

Step 1 – Create The Perfect Ambiance

Draw yourself a warm bath and drizzle two capfuls of DRIFT AWAY relaxing bathing and massage oil.  It will turn the water beautifully milky, so the moisturising properties and blend of essential oils can penetrate the skin.

Whilst the bath is filling up, light a SIESTA FOREVER relaxing soya aromatic candle and put in a safe place in the bathroom.  Turn on some relaxing, gentle music and grab your favourite fluffy towel.  Spritz QUIETUDE flaming mist on your towel, robe and in the air around you.


Step 2 – Go On,Drift Away

By now your bath should be ready.  Sink in and relax.  Breathe in the vapours with long, deep, slow breaths.  Close your eyes, go over the day in your mind and bring to remembrance at least 3 things that you are thankful for – big or small.


Step 3 – Treat Yourself To a Mask

Apply your favourite facial mask – the steam from the bath will help open up your pores and all the goodness will penetrate even deeper.

After about 20-30 minutes you can remove the mask with fresh water and a TAKE IT OFF muslin cleansing cloth.  Hop out of the bath and pat yourself dry.


Step 4 – Wrap Your Skin In A Duvet

Take a generous scoop of DUVET comforting body cream and massage gently into your body, starting at the toes and working up each leg, torso, back (get a friend to help!) then from fingers to arms.  Your skin will feel smooth, toned and deliciously spa’d out.


Step 5 – Time to Repose

When you are ready to sleep, take a half teaspoon size of REPOSE aromatherapy resting cream and rub it into your palms.  Take your hands to your face and breath deeply before massaging your face and neck.  The ingredients in the formula have been chosen for their natural ability to help aid restful sleep.  You can also apply to your pulse points to bring a sense of peace and calm.


Sweet Dreams!