Studies at universities in Miami and California have found that practising gratitude can help us feel more optimistic which in turn can make us healthier. It doesn’t have to be huge life changing things, simply acknowledging what you are thankful for – whether in daily lists, notes in a jar, or just in your head – makes us more content.

Psychologist Emma Kenny says that “Our brains are adaptable, and by practising new habits and way of thinking we can “learn” to be happy’. So lets get started then!

Focusing on the positive – get on board with initiatives such as #100happydays or #lovemelovenotes which will help you to focus on the great things that are happening in your life on a daily basis.

Use your time online to inspire – use the power of positive affirmation to boost your mood by changing your passwords to positive phrases like ‘I@mawe$ome’, ‘Ic4nd0it’, ‘I@men0ugh!’ etc

Money can buy happiness – according to recent research the simple act of having something that you enjoy to look forward to can make you happier, so rather than heading off for a spot of retail therapy for material objects, buy experiences such as concert tickets, days out, or a manicure.

Do nothing – as our lives get ever busier, it’s essential that we take time out and just ‘be’. Turn off technology and tune into your senses; savour being in the moment.

Practice acts of kindness – abundance is a high vibration so giving or doing something to/for someone else without expecting anything in return changes your thinking.

All sounds great doesn’t it, but the best part about shifting our thinking and raising our positive energy is, the happier you feel, the more you will draw happy experiences (and people) to yourself because you are operating at a different frequency.  So what are you waiting for?