You know those times when you positively glow with health and happiness and people notice?  Well, we think our Truffle products have bottled that!  This is a range of supreme skincare, which will breathe new life, energy and vitality into your skin, giving both long-term anti-ageing results and that wonderful instant skin radiance that we all crave.

Eye Truffle

The new edition to the award winning SKIN TRUFFLE family is now available to buy at Spa Beautiful!  EYE TRUFFLE is a luxury anti-ageing eye cream whose special formula includes all the things you associate with a luxury celebration – black summer truffles, champagne extract, strawberries and gold & silk actives.

The formula is designed to help brighten, improve skin density, firm and deeply penetrate to the dermal layer where wrinkles originate. We think it’s a serious dose of do-good that will keep you believing in the age of miracles!


  • Reduces frown lines & crow’s feet
  • Treats dark circles & puffiness
  • Peptide & stem cell technology
  • Phyto-endorphin & collagen boosting



  • Improves the whole figure of 8 eye area
  • Penetrates the dermal layer where wrinkles originate
  • Gives a feeling of a ‘lift’
  • Helps smooth out any traces of fatigue
  • Works deep to improve skin density, firmness & elasticity
  • Tightens and tones skin tissue
  • Brightens, gives radiance