LET’S Get under your skin…

Understanding your Skin is a key element to choosing the right treatments and to achieving the right results with your skincare.

We are dedicating the next few weeks to helping you understand your skin. Every week we will address a certain skin type and enable you to ask questions.

We will also discuss products and why they can have such an effect on your skin.
The skin is the biggest organ of our body. It provides protection to our other organs and contains all nerve endings that enable us to experience the sense of touch.

It is a living organ that reacts adversely to external or internal conditions but also responds very positively to great care. Our skin changes as we age, which is a natural process that can be embraced and engaged with beautiful tender loving care. Things that generally affect our skin and create premature ageing are:

  • Lifestyle- stress, diet, smoking, the actions that cause our facial muscles to work whether we frown or smile enough.
  • Environment- overexposure to sunlight, pollution, seasonal changes.
  • Hormonal – puberty, pregnancy or menopause.

The concerns associated with these elements can display a loss of elasticity and firmness, dryness or dehydration, acne, dark spots, wrinkles and fine lines, or even skin sensitivity.

We would like to address everyone of those concerns as we talk about your skin this month.

At Spa beautiful we always choose clever formulations that enable your skin to retain its youthfulness at every stage of life.

Next week we are looking at sensitive skin types. Please feel free to contact us via our social media or email if you have any questions about your skin type or your skincare routine.

We offer Caudalie treatments and Skincare regimes for the reasons you will soon discover. For that reason, let me introduce you to CAUDALIE.

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Get to know our products.

People always ask what is CAUDALIE? Here you are. Did you know that grapes and wine products can keep us young?

A caudalie [kodali] is a unit measuring the duration of the wine’s flavour on the palate. For each second the flavour remains this is a caudalie. A quality wine will contain many caudalie’s.


It all starts in 1993 with a question.

Do you know you are throwing away treasures?

That is how Mathilde the founder of Caudalie, who’s family had been making wine for centuries met with Professor Joseph Vercauteren , one of the world’s specialists in Polyphenols.

He is the Director of the Laboratory of Pharmacognosy at Montpellier’s University of Pharmacy in France, associated with the CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research). He has been the scientific advisor of our research centre since the creation of Caudalie.

These products include innovative and patented molecules. All the products are set in an “open” formula; which means that we are constantly improving them by including the latest scientific advances and guarantee maximum effectiveness.

Here is a bit of information for you: –


Grape-seed polyphenols are the most powerful anti-oxidant in the plant world and are amazing skin youth protectors.

Worldwide patent: W09429404.

1 ton of grape seeds = 1 kg of Polyphenols.


Free radicals are the main causes of skin ageing. They are generated by light, pollution, smoke… They attack our cells and trigger premature ageing. The same free radicals make our cars go rusty and turn fruits brown. They are responsible for 4 out of 5 wrinkles. After years of Research, Caudalie has succeeded in stabilising anti-oxidant Polyphenols for the very first time, 10,000 times more active than vitamin E*.

*”Inhibition of oxidation of human low-density lipoprotein by phenolic substances in red wine” E.N. Frankel, J. Kanner, J.B. German, E. Parks, J.E. Kinsella in The Lancet, Vol 341, Feb20, 1993.

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  • They protect the skin against free radicals, responsible for 4 out of 5 wrinkles.
  • They preserve the hyaluronic acid capital of the skin, real natural “plumping” agent.

Diagram showing the action on the skin of grape-seed Polyphenols, the most powerful anti-oxidant in the plant world, 10,000 times more active than vitamin E*.

Is your skin dehydrated, sensitive and prone to redness?

“Give your skin Grape water and you will gain freshness and youthfulness.”